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My son Kai was only three months when he started having really bad spit up problems. He spat up tons after every meal that I was almost convinced that he was spitting out everything he was taking in. Our pediatrician recommended some sort of liquid remedy that Kai took for almost a month, which made absolutely no difference.Then we started using Dr. Loo’s Patches™. The fact that it was natural was very important to me. After finishing two Patches, I noticed the amount he spat out cut back to half. After four patches, his spitting up improved by what felt like 90%. I decided to stop taking the Patches thinking that it must be because he is older and his immune system had matured. After a few days of stopping the Patches, Kai’s spit up returned, full force. My husband and I decided to put Kai back on the patches, and after three more patches (a total of seven) Kai’s spit up is no longer a problem.It is now a month later and he has yet to spit up. My husband and I highly recommend these Patches. My husband isn’t much of a believer when it comes to natural remedies, but in this product he seems to be a believer. The patches are natural, easy to use, and have no side effects.



When my son was about one month old, he cried non-stop every time he was awake. I went to the pediatrician several times who told me he had gas, acid reflex, and colic. It was very hard for me to see him suffer like that, not knowing what to do. I’m very careful of what I put into my baby. I did not want to use any kind of medication because of chemicals. Even a lot of products that say they’re natural’ reading the label label showed that they’re really not. I finally tried one natural kind of gas drops which made him even worse! It was a struggle to put something in his mouth when he was fussy and crying.

I used Dr. Loo’s Colic Patch for the first time when my son was two-and-a-half months old.

The first day, I put it on for four hours. It was very easy to place on the skin.

I noticed within two hours that my son was getting less fussy and I was very excited to see him like this!

The next day, he wore the Patch for another four hours he was even more calm! I put the Patch on for about three hours on the third day and it was like he was a brand-new baby! Not fussing or crying!

He was happy and smiling and even cooing! I was so happy to see my baby’s little personality was coming out! It was wonderful!

I used one Patch a week later and another a week after that for about three hours both times, and that was it. I would say he was cured! Five patches is all it took!

One of my main concerns in the beginning with the patch would hurt his skin.

But it was so gentle and soft! Lachlan seemed to not even know it was there! What interested me in the Patch was that it has organic ingredients. The whole time wearing the Patches, Lachlan never had any skin irritation or any reactions. I trust this product because of Dr. Loo’s credentials and reputation. It’s important to me that it’s not made by some fly-by-night company.

I would recommend Dr. Loo’s Colic Patch to anyone with a fussy or crying baby with reflux, gas, or colic.



I love Dr. Loo’s Harmony Patches™

They are miraculous.

I apply them for all sorts of abdominal symptoms, for bladder pain, and for mild aches. I travel and socialize a lot and I always carry the Patches with me. I can enjoy a nice meal in a restaurant and no one knows I’m wearing Patches. I strongly recommend the Harmony Patches for everyone.

Ann K.

I was having burning pain. After using Dr. Loo’s Harmony Patches™ for several weeks, the burning pain disappeared. I can confidently recommend Dr. Loo’s Patches.


During my recent travels to Europe, I applied Dr. Loo’s Harmony Patches™ on my back for back pain.
They really worked for me.
Several of my travel companions used the Patches for coughs and sneezes and found them to be helpful in relieving and shortening their symptoms.
One person with insomnia was able to sleep through the night.
I intend to travel with them always as they are so easily transportable, an ideal panacea for so many symptoms.
This is an amazing health aid.
I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone.

Dolph G.


Dr. Loo’s Patches were a life-saver during our recent trip to Machu Picchu. The Patches helped reduce jet lag and boosted breathing during rigorous hikes in high altitudes. I also noticed a decrease in my stomach upset symptoms. They helped give me the ability to enjoy our trip to the fullest capacity! Dr. Loo is a gifted creator of such an amazing, safe and helpful product.

Joyce O.

I have had chronic lower back pain for many years and finally was operated 3 years ago on the lower back after trying numerous medical treatments.

I was hoping for the surgery to be a great success, although it did help for a while, sadly the chronic pain came back.

I applied Dr. Loo’s Adult Harmony Patches™ and experienced pain relief that released the constant pressure I feel almost every day.

The Patches are easily applied, and easily transported in my purse. I have been able to wear the Patches day and night and travel without difficulties. You can even shower and keep them on.

I would recommend Dr. Loo’s Harmony Patches™ without reservation.

Antonella M.


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